TRC Through the Years

Don Tomas Del Rosario Y Tongco
(1859 - 1914)

“Nightingale of Filipino eloquence,” a parliamentarian, a statesman, a civil servant, an educator, a freedom fighter, a son of the cradle heroes - Bataan.

Born in Binondo, Manila of Cipriano Del Rosario and Severina Tongco of Orani, Bataan studied in the Ateneo (A.B. '75) and in Spain (LL.B.) banished by the Spaniards to Africa for his Liberal and patriotic views. Taught law upon his return, a member of the Malolos Congress he championed religious freedom and the separation of the Church and State, author of Title III of the Malolos Constitution (“The State recognizes the freedom and equality of all cults, as well as the separation of the Church and State”) a delegate to the Philippines assembly. He advocated measures on irrigation and natural resources, he fought against divorce he also served as Assistant Atty. General of the Supreme Court, and Governor of the Province of Bataan.

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